Hey there beautiful soul.
 Thanks so much for dropping by and being curious to know a little more about Salty Fox and myself. The woman behind the brand.
 I'm truly honored you have landed here on this page.
The ocean has always been my magical place.
A place of connection. My happy place.
She sees me. She soothes me.
I am in awe of her majesty & depth. Her sensuality & beauty.
I am also a little bit afraid of her.
She is such a turbulent wild majestic force.
So I birthed Salty Fox.
Like Aprhrodite rising from the sea, so that I could stay close . 
I try to weave a little bit of ocean magic into each design and print.
To create swimwear that allows us to celebrate our natural beauty.
Empowered women. Comfortable in our bodies. 
When we are connected to our deepest selves. We are radiant.
We are powerful beyond measure. There in lie our beauty and our gifts.
Because life is a journey. Sometimes it is wondrous and full of joy.
And sometimes it hurts.
We can hold it all.
I can not tell you what it means to be a woman. We all have our own story to tell.
What I do know is that you are as majestic and complex and powerful as the sea.
I sea that in you.
As I sea that in me
 Much love ...Suzi xx