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Inspired by the mysterious and resonant images found within the art and pottery of the Minoans; an ancient civilisation that revered both the divine feminine and the sea. 

Our collection;  Flight of Daphne  is infused with
the luxuriuous and shimmering colours of meditteranean summer; ocean, olive and peach. Harmonising perfectly alongside our signature print Ancient Sea.

Effortless and fluid designs with beautiful flowing details that flatter the female form and reference the endless movement, power and mystery of all that is woman, at one with the deep blue sea.

taking it slow...

Made in Australia

Salty Fox is a brand that loves + lives by the ethos of slow fashion. We believe in effortless simplicity. We believe in quality over quantity. In striving for a better future.

Our small capsule collections are limited edition and handmade entirely in Australia. From that first whisper of inspiration… down to our very last stitch.

This ensures we provide a product lovingly made with craftsmanship and quality and delivered with environmental consciousness.

Garments designed for the woman in you

Feel comfortable, look beautiful and be unique  xx

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